The FLEX-masks carry case is a small and neat way to keep your mask with you.  



The carry case is 9.5cm x 10cm and weighs around 5g.  It has a slot cut into the top to allow it to be attached to a belt or clip and is machine sewn at the left & right edges.  The case helps to keep your mask surface clean and protected when not in use.



It is made from the same Lycra fabric as the masks; treated with a propitiatory additive during the textile manufacture which has an antiviral and antibacterial effect against enveloped viruses and bacteria.  It also renders the fabric extremely waterproof as can be seen in our images.



Just like our masks, the carry case is machine washable - see the washing instructions for details but these are also printed onto the case for ease.

Carry Case

  • If you have chosen to have one of our carry cases, it is best to then carefully fold the mask and put it into the case. We would recommend using hand gel after this to also limit the potential that the mask has contamination and so prevent spread. The carry case too has been treated with the anti-viral agent.

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