FLEX-display touch free hand sanitiser stand


Product description


The FLEX-display touch free hand sanitiser stand is a new product from FLEX-display UK Ltd.  It is made using our ‘Magnum’ range of components.  It is unique in that it allows for customisation and re-configuration of components to suit different situations.


The system components are:


  • Powder coated Iron base plate 33 x 33cm
  • Ø28mm anodised aluminium pole 
  • "Multi Connectors" for attaching signs, dispensers and drip trays to the pole. 
  • Touch-free dispenser, 700ml capacity.  Easily refillable with liquid or gel (uses 4 x AA batteries or 5V adapter).
  • Aluminium drip tray.


The system can be made double-sided with a dispenser, sign and drip tray on each side. 


Items on our Multi Connectors can be adjusted in height e.g. to suit children and wheelchair users.


Stand height approx. 140cm. Weight approx. 4kg.


Our Multi Connectors can also be used for brochure holders, tablets and many other items.


Product FDHS #3 – Double sided without signage

This version has the same set up as the FDHS#1 stand but with an extra touch-free dispenser unit and an extra drip tray to make the unit double sided.  In this case, the hand gel dispensers and drip trays are back-to-back at the same height as they are attached to the reverse side of each respective multifunctional clip fitting.


Double Sided Hand Gel Dispenser at the same height without Signage

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